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It’s time for a change! We will no longer be posting on this city blog, but make sure to check out our National Blog where you can find anecdotes from your Oxfam Action Corps Organizers and dedicated volunteers. The National Blog will feature events from across the country, important action items and news from Oxfam America. We hope you will move with us!


Reminder: It's Time to Become an Action Corps City Organizer!

Hello Everyone!

Let's talk about Action Corps: it is awesome. Period. No two ways about it. And luckily, it is once again that great time to join this amazing group of individuals as an Organizer!

Check out our page for more information about our locations in 16 different cities, the job description, and the application! And look below at what other Organizers have said about their experiences...

"This is leadership in practice. You can't just read a book on leadership. You have to put it into practice." --Jill Mizell, Researcher, New York

"Oxfam Action Corps has given me a ton of confidence... Gaining knowledge and being able to speak to people about the issues." --Amy L., Business Operations Analyst, Des Moines

"This has become one of the best parts of my life... I can't express enough how satisfying it is to be organizing with people who are just as committed and dependable and passionate. It is so great to have the support from the Oxfam America staff, and I've been really impressed by their accessibility, competency and friendliness." --Isaac E., Educator, New York City

Ready to join them? Apply to be an organizer or if you aren't ready yet, consider volunteering with any Action Corps in efforts to help Oxfam fight hunger and social injustices! Remember, Oxfam is here to Right the Wrong so come join us! 


Six weeks of action against hunger!

At Oxfam Action Corps it is our goal to motivate, inspire and engage communities to Right the Wrong. This fall, we are inviting you to  join us in the tradition of fighting hunger through 6 weeks of engaging actions. We'll kick off our actions with a dinner conversation on World Food Day on October 16 and continue weekly until our Hunger Banquet, the Thursday before thanksgiving, Some of the actions will challenge your knowledge of family farming statistics, legislative action implementations, and help you start on the GROW Method.

Week One: A World Food Day Meal

Join us for a celebration of food and farmers at Civic Lab on October 16th, 2014.In partnership with Growing Home, Janet Cassidy and Lexicon of Sustainability, we’ve prepared an evening of delicious food, dynamic conversation and social justice all TOTALLY FREE! The events starts at 7:00pm.

For more information and registration, check out the Eventbrite page.

Week Two: Online QuizOnline accessible quiz with ten questions regarding family farming and sustainability with the quiz taker being rated.

Week Three: GROW MethodWe have a few GROW Method recipe posts on our blog! Or check out the GROW Method Pinterest page!

Week Four: Sign Food Aid Petition OnlineConsistent with our call for more aid and better aid, Oxfam will highlight our push for the Food for Peace Reform Act of 2014.

Week Five: Donate to South Sudan 
Scarcely in the news, a major food crisis is looming for the world's newest country.  We must raise the profile and raise help. To read about what Oxfam is doing, visit this blog.

A number of Chicago Oxfam Action Corps volunteers will be taking part in the Chicago Hot Chocolate Run on November 9th and we are dedicating all our fundraising efforts to the Food Crisis in South Sudan . There's so many ways you can be a part of this effort:
  1. Join our team, register for the 15 or 5k (we've been offered a sweet discount!)
  2. Volunteer  on behalf of Oxfam at RAM Racing's Hot Chocolate 5K/15K at the Expo on Nov. 8th or at the Race Nov. 9th.
  3. Donate and help us meet our fundraising goal here.
Week Six: Oxfam Hunger Banquet, Recap of Six Weeks of Action
We will ask YOU, Oxfam supporters around the US to post online a picture and blurb about how they helped to fight hunger this fall. Keep track of your progress during the Six Weeks of Action and submit a blurb or photo to us!

If you would like to get involved with planning a Hunger banquet, please email us at Chicago@oxfamactioncorps.org.


World Food Day Photo Contest

Hope you all had a wonderful summer! As we gear up for the fall, we are excited to announce our first ever World Food Day photo contest. Every year, people around the world come together to declare their commitment to creating a world free from hunger and malnutrition on October 16th. World Food Day celebrates the creation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on 16 October 1945 which was built upon "it's belief that the goal of freedom from want of food, suitable and adequate for the health and strength of all people can be achieved." 

Join us in our commemoration this year by submitting original photos depicting what global hunger and food security means to you. Please include a brief description of the photo submission including details of when and where it was taken. In addition to other festivities we are planning for October 16th (mark your calendars), we hope that this photo contest will bring to our attention the global struggle against hunger and malnutrition as well as highlight the achievements in food security and agricultural development. We also hope that this will ignite great discussions on how we can work together to create lasting solutions to these injustices.

1. Eligibility
The photo contest is open to anyone living in the Chicago area.
2. Number and Format of Submissions
If you meet the eligibility requirements you may submit up to three photographs. Each photo must be submitted in electronic format. Your photographs may be black-and-white or color. If you submit more than one photo, please make sure to number the photos accordingly.
3. Subject Matter
The only subject matter restriction is that your photo or photos capture an experience or record an observation depicting global hunger.
4. Application Process and Deadline
The photo submissions should be submitted online by Thursday October 11th 2014 to chicago.oxfamactioncorps@gmail.com. You can also submit your photos via Facebook or twitter by tagging us.
5. Prizes
3 top submissions will be chosen by a panel of judges after a round of online voting. Prizes will be announced very soon.
6. Important Advisory
All submissions may be used by the Chicago Oxfam Action Corps for display and circulation (with attribution to the photographer). If you submit a photograph it is understood that you have granted this right.
7. Further Information.
If you have any additional questions please contact us at chicago.oxfamactioncorps@gmail.com

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