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The Largest Global Action in HISTORY!

What an amazing day and turn out! Thank you so much for such a terrific day of action. Here is the photo of the "Roger's Park Carbon Free Picnic and Music Festival" that took place in the brand new energy efficient Quinlan Life Science Building on Loyola's campus. The white boards are letters to Senator Durbin and Senator Burris that were asking for support on the current climate legislation, we collected over 200 signatures! Check out 350.org for this and more inspirational pictures of actions from all around the world! Over 180 nations participated!! Thanks to everyone who participated in a very successful day of climate action!


Oct 24th ACTION: Roger's Park Carbon Free Picnic and Music Festival

We are collaborating with Loyola, Rogers Park, and 350.org to bring you a FREE event celebrating International Day of Climate Action! 24 October 2009 - 11:00am - 2:30pm 1050 W. Pratt Blvd Chicago, IL, 60626 With live music, local food, guest speakers, Sisters on the Planet showings, collective art projects, Action Corps volunteer sign-up and MORE! Visit http://www.350.org/RogersPark for more details or to RSVP! See you all there!


The no B.S. youth report from Bangkok


The no B.S. youth report from Bangkok: Introducing the Adopt a Negotiator Project
October 6th, 2009 by Leah Lamb

As part of our 350 degrees of Copenhagen series we bring you this interview with the Adopt a Negotiator team members who are reporting back from Bangkok.

If you can’t keep up about what’s going on behind the scenes in preparation for Copenhagen…you shouldn’t feel alone. The information isn’t easy to find. The proof is in the pudding, as Joshua Wiese and Ben Jervey explain to us why they are working with a crew of trackers who are representing 12 countries from throughout the developing and developed world. They are reporting in 8 different languages, opening up these meetings to people all over the world. They video skyped (is that a new verb?) in to our studio from the Bangkok climate talks (which explains the strange hotel room in the background).

These negotiations are, quite literally, determining the fate of our planet. It’s easy to argue that they’re the most important meetings in the history of the world. But no “typical citizen” has any idea what goes on at international negotiations. We’re working to shine a light on the process–bring some transparency to a normally pretty opaque proceedings.

Adopt a Negotiator was launched at the Bonn intersessional talks in June, we╩╝ll track the negotiations through Bangkok, then Barcelona, and on to Copenhagen, following the lead negotiators and delegates from 12 key countries, and sharing news and updates of their positions along the way.

You can follow them regularly on their blog at www.tcktcktck.org and www.adoptanegotiator.org. And of course, we’ll have more updates from them on Current Green.

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