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World Food Day 2012...Time to Get HANGRY

“Millions of the world’s poorest people will face devastation from today’s rocketing food prices because the global food system is fatally flawed and policy-makers can’t find the courage to fix it. Policy-makers have taken cheap food for granted for nearly 30 years. Those days are gone.”
Oxfam Media Advisory, August 2012

The food system is broken with the amount of inequalities, effect of climate change, and number of land grabs. 1 in 7 people go to bed hungry. Where is all the food? Established agricultural and economic agencies all agree that the food shortages can be managed. An increasing population and climate changes places a constant crushing stress on natural resources. We cannot afford to waste our food! When we invest in agricultural cooperatives, we invest in smallholder farmers who can provide more food to struggling populations. When we make active decisions about what to buy and how to cook, we can produce healthy meals that support farmers and place less stress on the environment. We can manage these food injustices and insecurities. We can all live better together.

This is it. Are you HANGRY that millions of children are starving? That parents, especially women, fight tooth and nail to provide for their children? That people are forced to choose between an education and food? That governments have allowed people to suffer at the expense of political and capital gain?

On Tuesday, October 16th we will celebrate World Food Day. Nations around the world are participating in this international movement to bring attention to agricultural practices and cooperatives. Countries like Canada, Saudi Arabia and the UK host workshops, Hunger Runs and presentations among leaders and citizens alike. This is a time to reflect on how to end hunger, raise awareness on better food production, and strengthen our collective efforts to surmounting the issues seen every day in the food system.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, established in 1945, set the following goals:

• encourage attention to agricultural food production and to stimulate national, bilateral, multilateral and non-governmental efforts to this end;

• encourage economic and technical cooperation among developing countries;

• encourage the participation of rural people, particularly women and the least privileged categories, in decisions and activities influencing their living conditions;

• heighten public awareness of the problem of hunger in the world;

• promote the transfer of technologies to the developing world; and

• strengthen international and national solidarity in the struggle against hunger, malnutrition and poverty and draw attention to achievements in food and agricultural development.

In 2011, the FAO resolved that we should turn crisis into stability. 2012 proved difficult with the worst drought in 60 years to United States farmers. You can get involved. Host a World Food Day dinner in your home or at a restaurant. Talk to people about how much you love to eat fresh food from the Farmer’s Market. Discuss the possibility of investing in an agricultural cooperative. Start trying the GROW method at home. Call and email senators to create legislation that improves food aid for those who struggle with hunger. Urge the EPA to waive the ethanol mandate and keep corn for food and not gas!

Our Chicago Oxfam Action Corps team is hosting an exclusive World Food Day dinner at Simply It! Come join us on October 18th for a delicious meal influenced by the GROW method. Meet new people and join our discussion! Sign up at GRUBWITHUS.     



Are You Hangry??

Last Week We gathered on the shore of Lake Michigan to talk about what it meant to Be "HANGRY".      We had some good food (Using the Grow Method of course) We hung out with friends and family, and we made some (might I say awesome) T-shirts.    Fun was had by all.     

I know what you are thinking.   What is HANGRY.     I was first introduced to the word last year.   Basically it is a merger of hungry and angry.  It is usually used to describe the feeling you have when you haven't eaten in a while and you start getting a little grumpy because your blood sugar is low and your body is telling you to go find some food.   I really like this word and it is fun to use, but after playing with the definition of hungry and angry I came up with this definition 

han-gry adj: 1. a feeling of displeasure or hostility caused by a need for food: 2. hunger causing a negative change in emotion; 3. anger due to lack of fertility

This is the precise definition of the world today.   So I guess I am Hangry.   What about you?

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