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30th Annual Good Friday Walk for Justice. Fri, April 2nd - Noon to 3:00pm. The walk begins at Plaza - Northeast corner of Michigan & Congess Avenues. For more info go to www.8thdaycenter.org


It's World Water Day. Check out the unshaken campaign for Haiti ☛ http://bit.ly/aTznba

WWD 2010: Clean Water for a Healthy World

Every year, 1,500 cubic kilometres of wastewater are produced globally. While waste and wastewater can be reused productively for energy and irrigation, it usually is not. In developing countries 80 percent of all waste is being discharged untreated, because of lack of regulations and resources. And population and industrial growth add new sources of pollution and increased demand for clean water to the equation. Human and environmental health, drinking and agricultural water supplies for the present and future are at stake, still water pollution rarely warrants mention as a pressing issue.

To do something about that UN-Water has chosen Clean Water for a Healthy World as theme for World Water Day 2010. The overall goal of the World Water Day on 22 March 2010 campaign is to raise the profile of water quality at the political level so that water quality considerations are made alongside those of water quantity.

UNEP has responsibility for taking the lead in 2010, UN-Water announced at a session during the Stockholm World Water Week in August 2009. Keep an eye on their site



Help for Haiti Benefit Party

The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader String Band

Tom & Jackie with Dulce Cesar at the Help for Haiti Benefit Party on March 4th at Greenheart Shop Chicago

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