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Who are the "Big Men"?

“Of course you would want to be a big man. I want to be a big man. My son would want to be a big man and you would want to be a big man, too.”

It’s a statement that reflects the basic needs and desires of humans. Yet, only so few are able to become ‘big men’. As someone who was not born into privilege, the struggle to gain access to become a big man is a heart wrenching story of limited choices, often dangerous and uninformed, When an American company finds oil sources in a the country of Ghana, a war wages with several battles swirling the influence of Ghanaians, economics, world powers, and conniving players thirsty for power, money, and stability.

The documentary BigMen premiered in Chicago on August 18th at Facets Multi-Media. Director Rachel Boynton attended Q&A sessions after each showing of the film on both Friday and Saturday. Her stature is deceiving, she is a powerful woman who braved forces beyond her control to film and cover a story that most would not find attractive. Covering the fight over natural resources becomes increasingly important with a growing population that needs sustenance.

Oxfam is proud to support the work of Rachel Boynton with her second documentary Big Men. The film will continue for the following show times! Buy tickets here.
the theater of online
Facets Multi-Media
1517 W. Fullerton Ave.
Sunday, April 20- 1, 3, 5, & 7pm
Monday, April 21- 7 & 9pm
Wednesday, April 23- 7 & 9pm
Thursday, April 24- 7 & 9pm 

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