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Thanksgiving focused on Global Food System

Add a new tradition this year with Oxfam. Cook with a local ingredient, use fair trade cocoa, or replace turkey with a completely vegetarian option! Make it a globally friendly Thanksgiving this year. Cheers to the holidays.

Leek Risotto
Hearty, healthy and delicious. A great main dish!

More recipes here at Food52.

White Bean and Sweet Potato Burgers
Try some seasonal sweet potatoes for a twist on traditional burgers

Chocolate Dipped Apples
Change from caramel to fair trade chocolate for a sweet seasonal treat
For chocolate and recipes, check out Divine Chocolate.


November 13th, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting November 13th, 2013
Hannah’s Bretzel 555 W. Monroe St.
Began at 6:20pm

Note: Jan Donatelli, Ambassador for Sisters on the Planet, attended

Old Business
·         Event Recap for World Food Day potluck and Frontiers of Food Justice
·         Hot Chocolate 5K team raised $240 for Syrian Refugee Crisis Fund
·         Syria Fundraiser will be hosted in conjunction with RefugeeOne. Event details TBD

Behind the Brands Campaign Update
·         Coca-Cola agreed to ensure their upstream supply chain practices do not produce or encourage land grabs. The company confirmed their commitment by creating a timeline with Oxfam.

·         The focus shifts to increasing pressure towards PepsiCo to follow the lead of Coca-Cola. In a race to the top, PepsiCo can continue making strides to come closer to the Coca-Cola in ranking. If you are interested in taking action beyond signing the petition, please contact us for an opportunity from November 18th-22nd.

Upcoming Events
·         February- Oxjam Music Festival and Fundraiser
Chicago has been chosen as a pilot city for this unique event. Currently looking for planning committee members for Production, Promotion and Fundraising subcommittees. Large discussion about venues including Bottom Lounge, Old Town School of Music as well as potential media through music reviewers for Sun-Times and WBEZ. This music festival may be a fundraiser strictly for Typhoon Haiyan Relief for the Philippines. Ways to increase fundraising avenues include ticket sales, concessions, and raffle.
If you would like to join please contact us at chicago.oxfamactioncorps@gmail.com

·         March-International Women’s Day Event March 8th
Currently looking for planning committee members
All volunteers are invited to the initial planning meeting on November 19th, 6pm, Corner Bakery on 56 W Randolph St.
If you would like to join us, please contact chicago.oxfamactioncorps@gmail.com

·         April- Potential Food and Hunger Film Festival
Do you love films? Join us in planning a first film festival! Whether it is choosing a film, setting up concessions, or doing promotion, we would love to have you involved with our team! 
If you would like to join us, please contact chicago.oxfamactioncorps@gmail.com

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October Events and Revelations

Chicago Oxfam Action Corps revved up the possibilities with a handful of major events and new ties in October. Dedicated to starting a new conversation and converting a lot of energy towards stopping land grabs through the Behind the Brands campaign, we are thankful to have accomplished so much in just a span of 30 days.

 Our Behind the Brands Cycle kicked off first showing at Atoms for Peace Concert on October 2nd. We captured the attention of enthusiastic concert-goers to introduce the concept of land grabs and how the harvesting and purchasing of sugar can effect individual small scale farmers on a global scale. The updated scorecard attracted many. Some were flummoxed, some engaged and took action by being among the first to sign the new petition. We continued introducing our message to Stop Land Grabs at a ONE happy hour meeting on October 11th. Chicago Oxfam Action Corps and ONE campaign continue to work together as allies in helping to reduce poverty and encouraging everyone to take action. Our first combined Happy Hour meeting was a unique event that allowed us to socialize while sending a message. ONE Campaign focused on Electrify Africa, while we shared our message about land grabs and World Food Day.

On World Food Day, our potluck cast light on importance of sustainability. Our new friends at 8th Day Center for Justice graciously hosted us in their space. The room filled with delicious smells as guests brought a variety of GROW method dishes. During our brief presentation of Oxfam Action Corps, we were all introduced to Zero Percent, an "app" that allows restaurants to move surplus food by posting to online donation sites therefore providing for those in need and reducing waste! Enthusiasm from new guests, dedicated volunteers, and previous organizers inspired us to take action. Everyone joined in taking a picture with the Stop Land Grabs sign and posting it to Coca Cola Company and PepsiCo and signing the petition. With a tweet to @PepsiCo and @CocaColaCo or a Facebook post, consumers can use their voice by directing commitment by their favorite companies to practice ethical standards to prevent small-scale farmers from being forced off of their land.

 Following World Food Day, Oxfam attended Global Fest Africa, the annual fundraiser for Chicago Fair Trade. With October as Fair Trade Month, this event culminated supporters of fair trade in the spirit of growing the span of fair trade products in Chicago. The following day, Co-Organizers hosted special events to promote the message of Oxfam and the GROW method. Kathryn hosted a teach-in workshop at Lewis University on Friday October 18th. I hosted a World Food Day dinner at a local Indian restaurant in Naperville. Revealing the message of Oxfam during a World Food Day dinner gave Oxfam a platform to share the importance of individual choice in improving the broken food system.

Our largest event, Frontiers of Food Justice, featured special guest Ms. Kijoolu Kaliya. As a Tanzanian pastoralist, she led a team of women in her community to fend off the government from taking over her land. Land grabs continue to rise as an issue due to competition to produce more sugar, soy and palm oil. In the process, small-scale farmers are illegally pushed off of their land. In a panel of Ms. Kaliya, Aveda Corporation Senior Educator Marlo Boyle and former Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton, share their role in the issue of land grabs and property rights through corporation and legislation. With a full banquet vegan dinner and active audience, this memorable event explored the importance of the current Behind the Brands Cycle targeting sugar and land grabs.Our team was grateful of the work by Adam Olson to organize this event on behalf of the overall goal for our Action Corps campaigns.

The same week, Chicago Oxfam Action Corps made a second showing at a concert for The Head and the Heart and Thao and the Get Down Stay Down. Focusing on Behind the Brands at the concert, we enjoyed the opportunity to share the GROW campaign message at a Hunger Banquet in Naperville. North Central College invited us to their 2nd Annual event to engage college students in the conversation about the global food system. November is often the month for organizations and individuals to host a Hunger Banquet in the midst of the holiday season. Anyone can host one to share the GROW message. Find out more at Oxfam America Hunger Banquet website.

Our incredible volunteers help make these events successful. As we wind down from World Food Day events, we begin planning for three major events in 2014. These include International Women's Day, Oxjam Music Festival, and a Film Festival. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us

-Megan Nakra

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